Blockchain Ideation Workshops

Our objective is to educate and inspire businesses and individuals to design a plan for the revolution that the blockchain technology will create. Being a decentralized, encrypted and secure network, the blockchain has the potential to maximise productivity within many domains and give you an edge on the competition. These workshops will help you design a blockchain strategy to help you and our business succeed.

workshop overview

Our workshops are designed to give you a basic understanding of how the blockchain works before diving into its possible opportunities and impacts.

Once the fundamentals of the blockchain technology are laid down and the consequences are covered, the next step is to design a blockchain strategy for your business.

Workshop format

Workshops are preferably organized to groups of 7 to 12 people.

Workshops can be delivered through different mediums : i.e. Lunch & Learn, Conference.

booking a workshop

If you wish to book a workshop to understand the blockchain or to create a business strategy, contact me through my email: